Paula Berggren and Susan Locke
Baruch College
Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:45
Primary Texts for classroom study

Available in the Baruch College Bookstore and Shakespeare & Co. for student purchase:

Pat Barker, The Ghost Road (1995). Plume paperback.

Sigmund Freud, Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria,

(1900), trans. James Strachey, intro. Philip Rieff

(1963). Collier paperback.

On Dreams (1901), trans. James Strachey,

ed. and intro. Peter Gay. Norton paperback.

Eric Liu, The Accidental Asian (1998). Knopf paperback.

Shakespeare, Hamlet (1600/01). Signet Classic Shakespeare.

Virgil, The Aeneid (19 BC), trans. Allen Mandelbaum. Bantam

Classic Paperback.

To be handed out:

Excerpts from Ueda Akinara, Tales of Moonlight and Rain (Ugetsu Monogatari) (1776), trans. Kengi Hamada. Columbia University Press,

Articles and chapters listed in the syllabus below.

On reserve in the Newman Library:

Videotape of Ugetsu, directed by Kenji Mizoguchi (1953).

Tentative Schedule for Classroom Study and Discussion

Overview: The topic and some approaches to viewing it critically

1. Tuesday, 1 February -- Introduction

2. Thursday, 3 February

Calvin Hall, Chapter 1, A Primer of Freudian Psychology (1954); Chapters 1 A Primer of Jungian Psychology (1996); Carl Jung, Chapter 5, Memories, Dreams, Reflections (1961); Douglas Davis, Oedipus Redevivus: Freud, Jung, and Psychoanalysis (1995) (handouts)

Focus: Virgil, The Aeneid--The Ancient Western Tradition

3. Tuesday, 8 February

Books I and II

4. Thursday, 10 February

Book IV; Carl Jung, "The Psychological Foundation of Belief in Spirits" (1919)(handout)

Tuesday, 15 February--FRIDAY CLASSES

5. Thursday, 17 February

Books VI and VIII; Hall, Jung, Chapter 6 (handout)

6. Tuesday, 22 February

Book XII

Focus: More Theories about Dreaming and The Unconscious

7. Thursday, 24 February

Freud, "The Unconscious" (1915); Hall, Chapter 2, Jung (handouts)

8. Tuesday, 29 February

Freud, On Dreams; Jung, "General Aspects of Dream Psychology" (1916) and "On the Nature of Dreams" (1945) (handouts)

9. Thursday, 2 March

Roger Hock, ed. Chapter 2, "Consciousness," from Forty Studies That Changed Psychology, 1999 (handout)

ORAL PRESENTATION: Contemporary understandings of the utility of sleep and dreaming

Focus: Tales of Moonlight and Rain--Asian Traditions

10. Tuesday, 7 March

Selections, Tales of Moonlight and Rain (Ugetsu Monogatari)

11. Thursday, 9 March

Kenzi Mizoguchi, Ugetsu (1953)

Class will be held in Room 1303, 17 Lexington Avenue; this is a film adaptation of the previous day's readings. It runs for

96 minutes; we will steal half an hour from Club Hours this day to begin at 2:00. Please try to arrange your schedule so that we can watch the whole film together.

Focus: Into the Modern World

12. Tuesday, 14 March

Hamlet, Acts I and II

13. Thursday, 16 March

Hamlet, Acts III and IV

14. Tuesday, 21 March

Hamlet, Act V

15. Thursday, 23 March

Hamlet, re-read

ORAL PRESENTATION: Freud, "Mourning and Melancholia" (1917), handout

16. Tuesday, 28 March

ORAL PRESENTATION: The Oedipus Complex and psychoanalytic readings of Hamlet, including excerpts, Ernest Jones, Hamlet and Oedipus, and Janet Adelman, "Man and Wife Is One Flesh: Hamlet and the Confrontation with the Maternal Body" (handouts).

Focus: Trauma and Symptom Formation

18. Thursday, 30 March

Somataform Disorders

ORAL PRESENTATION: Chapter 8, Norman Cameron and Joseph F. Rychlak, Personality Development and Psychopathology. 2nd edition. (handout)

18. Tuesday, 4 April

Freud, Dora, Part I, through The First Dream

19. Thursday, 6 April

Freud, Dora, Part I, Second Dream and Postcript

20. Tuesday, 11 April

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Harry A. Wilmer, "The Healing Nightmare: War Dreams of Vietnam Veterans"; Robert Jay Lifton, "Dreaming Well: On Death and History," in Deirdre Barrett, Trauma and Dreams

21. Thursday, 13 April

W. H. R. Rivers,"The Primitive Conception of Death"

ORAL PRESENTATION: World War I Poems by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon (handouts)

22. Tuesday, 18 April

DOCUMENTARY FILM: Barbara Sonneborn, P.O.V.: Regret to Inform (shown on PBS--January 2000); CLASS MEETS IN Room 1313


Focus: Demystification and The Modern World

23. Tuesday, 2 May

Pat Barker, The Ghost Road, Part I

24. Thursday, 4 May

Pat Barker, The Ghost Road, Part II

25. Tuesday, 9 May

Pat Barker, The Ghost Road, Part III


26. Thursday, 11 May

Eric Liu, The Accidental Asian

27. Tuesday, 16 May

Eric Liu, The Accidental Asian

ORAL PRESENTATION: Culture Shock and Bicultural Identity

28. Thursday, 18 May


Thursday, 25 May 3:30-5:30 FINAL EXAMINATION

Course Requirements and Percentages of Final Grades

--lively class participation, oral presentations, occasional writing exercises, and questions to be completed on the Blackboard Discussion Board (20%)

--three short (2-3 page) essays, each worth 15% (45%)

The first paper will be due on Friday, 3 March.

The second paper will be due on Friday, 31 March.

The third paper will be due Friday, 5 May.

--in-class final examination (20%)

--long-range term assignment: assembly of a coherent portfolio that demonstrates your personal vision of some issue that we discuss together this term. You should decide upon your particular focus by the mid-term. From the first day of classes, prepare for this assignment by keeping a reading journal in which you jot down comments and questions raised by the readings in the syllabus and by extra-classroom observations.

Your final portfolio should include:

these journal entries;

a personal clippings file;

your graded papers (revised and reconsidered if further work has been recommended by instructors);

reflections on readings and events in the city that we do not explicitly consider in the classroom (we will casionally make recommendations).

To bring coherence to your own experience of the semester's work, the portfolio should be introduced by a thoughtful interpretive essay.

The completed work is due on Friday, 19 May (15%)

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