ExEAS Teaching Unit
Selected Teaching Resources on Zen Buddhism

Principles and Practices of Zen Meditation. 120 min. 1988.
Available through Films for the Humanities and Sciences
($159.95 – VHS or DVD)

The film follows a group of monks in a Japanese monastery doing a continuous eight day session of Zen medditation.

The Still Point: Introduction to Zen Meditation. 53 min. 1995.
Available through Dharma Communications
($24.95 – VHS; $35.00 – DVD)

A useful video to gets student practicing zazen and thinking deeply about Zen.


Web Resources

Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library

Part of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library (edited by T. Matthew Ciolek, The Australian National University; Joe Bransford Wilson, U. of North Carolina at Wilmington; and Jerome Ducor, Ethnographic Museum, Geneva), the site features a number of links to useful resources on Zen.

The Japanese Garden

A website hosted by Bowdoin College that provides floor plans, photographs, and descriptions for twenty-four Japanese Zen gardens. Also contains links to other useful resources.

Oxherding: Stages of Zen Practice

Images, with explanatory text, depicting the stages of practice leading to the enlightenment at which Zen (Chan) Buddhism aims.

Buddhist Scholars Information Network (H-Buddhism)

Features links to academic programs, job openings, a discussion board, and book reviews related to Buddhism.


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