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Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute

Columbia's Weatherhead East Asian Institute serves as the university's center for teaching and research on modern and contemporary East Asia. The Institute brings students, faculty, scholars, and professionals together through its interdisciplinary study of East Asia. The Institute's website has information on its current programs, past events (including audio and video), fellowships, and links to other East Asia centers and resources at Columbia.

Cornell University East Asia Program

Cornell’s East Asia Program (EAP) is the university’s hub of courses, research, libraries, art exhibitions, student organizations, events, language centers, and exchange programs related to East Asia.

Harvard University Asia Center

The Asia Center at Harvard is the meeting point for its many Asia-related programs, departments, institutes, and libraries.  It sponsors seminars, publications, research, and grants in Asian studies and is designed to foster interregional and interdisciplinary work at Harvard.  The “Online Resources" section contains links to all of the university’s various centers and degree-granting departments.

Indiana University East Asian Studies Center

Indiana’s East Asian Studies Center site provides information on its events and workshops, funding sources, and links for students interested in East Asia.

Michigan State University Asia Studies Center

The Asia Studies Center website at MSU offers listings of its events, professional opportunities in East Asian studies, and fellowships and funding for MSU students.  The site also has resources for K-12 teachers in the Greater Lansing community and links to its departmental affiliates.

Stanford University Center for East Asian Studies

The Center for East Asian Studies provides a centralized arena for the discussion and promotion of East Asia at Stanford.  It takes a multidisciplinary approach to East Asia through lectures, workshops, and programs that connect Stanford’s departments, faculty, students, and organizations.  Also includes links to Stanford’s other East Asian resources, including SPICE, its K-14 Asia curriculum development program.

University of California at Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies

UC Berkeley’s several East Asian centers and departments are united under its Institute of East Asian Studies.  The website has information on the institute’s events, San Francisco-area resources for students, teachers and faculty, and links to Berkeley’s other East Asian centers.

University of California at Los Angeles Asia Institute

UCLA’s acclaimed Asia Institute brings together the Asia-focused centers, programs, and departments at the university.  Their site includes short informative articles written by affiliated faculty, links to Asian resources at UCLA and in Southern California, and a detailed section for K-12 educators.

University of California at Santa Barbara East Asian Center

The East Asian Center at UCSB encourages interdisciplinary studies on East Asia.  Its website includes an excellent list of funding resources for students and researchers.

University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies

The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago fosters cross-disciplinary studies in East Asia and serves the East Asian community both at the university and beyond.  Its website provides information and descriptions of funding opportunities and events.

University of Colorado Center for Asian Studies

CU Boulder’s Center for Asian Studies bridges departmental and college boundaries to create a community of faculty, students, and scholars interested in Asia.  Their website contains links to the “Teaching East Asia" initiative for K-12 educators.

University of Hawaii at Manoa National Resource Center East Asia

The NRCEA at the University of Hawaii, run by the East Asian Council, oversees the university’s various centers, programming, and community outreach on East Asia.  The website also includes links to East Asian cultural institutions in Hawaii.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

UI’s Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies is the steward of the university’s campus-wide teaching, research, programming, and outreach on East Asia, as well as Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Their website links to their affiliated centers and to Asian Educational Media Services, a good resource for educators that includes teaching guides and general information about East Asia.

University of Michigan
Center for Chinese Studies
Center for Japanese Studies
Center for Korean Studies
Center for Southeast Asian Studies

The University of Michigan’s International Institute oversees its many regional centers. Each center’s website includes different pages for its events, publications, academic programs, and links.

University of Pennsylvania Center for East Asian Studies

The Center for East Asian Studies offers information on its events and programs, East Asian cultural centers in the Philadelphia area, and resources available for UPenn students.

University of Washington East Asia Resource Center

The East Asia Resource Center provides information on resources for K-12 educators interested in East Asia, including workshops and a small library of print and AV materials. Their website also links to East Asian institutions in the Washington-state area.

Yale University Council on East Asian Studies

Yale’s Council on East Asian Studies promotes interdisciplinary research and education on East Asia at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Council’s website provides information on Yale’s East Asian degree programs, funding resources for Yale students, and links to East Asian institutes both in the U.S. and abroad.

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