Links Listed by Type of Resource: Syllabi

See also the Syllabi section of the ExEAS website.

Syllabus Finder, George Mason University

A large collection of course syllabi run by George Mason University ’s Center for History and New Media.


A small collection of thematic, survey, and graduate Asia courses.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC), Courses, Ohio State University

Links to syllabi for courses on modern Chinese literature, culture, history, and film. The MCLC site also includes articles, bibliographies, images, and other resources on Chinese literature and film.

World Lecture Hall at University of Texas

Free online course resources; each course typically includes an overview of the course, a copy of the syllabus, other online resources, and the instructor’s website.  This site includes several courses on Asia, including “Introduction to Asian-American Literature," “Asia in World Affairs," “Political Economy of East Asia," and “Religions of the World – Eastern."

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