Links Listed by Type of Resource: News Media

Asahi Shimbun

A Japanese daily newspaper available in English.

AsiaMedia: Media News Daily, University of California , Los Angeles

Features daily news from all over Asia , in addition to the latest news from Asia regarding the United States and other places around the world. The site is divided into East Asia , Southeast Asia , South Asia , Pacific Islands , the United States , and the world. A weekly update is available by email.

Asia News Websites, Guardian Unlimited

Includes links and short descriptions of major Asian news sites. The toolbar at the left allows easy navigation to country-specific news sites along with links to government web pages.

The Cambodia Post

The Cambodia Post covers breaking news for Southeast Asia. It scans the web for the most recent articles on Southeast Asian news and organizes them by category for user-friendly navigation. The left toolbar lists links to other news, entertainment, and sports sources.

China Daily

Website of the PRC’s only national, daily English-language newspaper.

The China News

An online collection of world news concerning China , including links to Chinese news sources.

Chinese News Media/Daily News, Internet Guide to China Studies

Links to daily news services from China , Hong Kong , Macau , Tibet , Taiwan , Singapore , and overseas Chinese communities.

The Guardian Unlimited

World news site with country-by-country directory of news and government websites.

Hong Kong Standard

A daily English-language news source from Hong Kong .

Japan Focus

An online resource including articles covering a broad range of Japanese issues.

The Japan Times

An English-language daily newspaper from Japan .

Korea Herald

A South Korean English-language daily newspaper.

Korean News Service

News from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ( North Korea ), available in English.

The Korea Times

A South Korean English-language daily newspaper.

Mainichi Daily News

An English-langauge daily newspaper from Japan.

Nautilus Weekly, Nautilus Institute

Nautilus Weekly provides an overview of recent developments from the Nautilus Institute, the Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network, the Nautilus Institute Asian Energy Security Network, and other global problem solving initiatives. Email subscription to the Nautilus Weekly is also available.

News Sources from Asia Index, Kidon Media-Link

Links to a wide range of national and local Asian media outlets organized by country.

New Straits Times Online

An English language daily newspaper from Malaysia.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Online English language version of Japan ’s largest economic and finance newspaper.

People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Beijing newspaper in English translation.

South China Morning Post

An English-language daily newspaper from Hong Kong .

The Star Online

English language daily newspaper from Malaysia.

Taipei Times

A daily English-language news source from Taiwan.

Taiwan Headlines

Major headlines in English from the Republic of China Government Information Office.

Yomiuri Shimbun

Online English-language version of this Japanese daily newspaper.

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