Links Listed by Type of Resource: Language Study

Jim Breen’s Japanese Dictionary, Monash University

This online Japanese dictionary allows search by English, Romanized Japanese and kanji.

Columbia University Japanese Language Program

Features information on study abroad as well as Columbia ’s MA in Japanese language pedagogy.

Columbia University China Programs

Columbia University offers Chinese language instruction through a variety of programs, including one at Beijing ’s Tsinghua and one in Shanghai with a focus on business and economy. Programs are offered for fall, spring, academic year, and summer.

The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) at National Taiwan University

ICLP offers a year long program and a summer program at National Taiwan University . The programs focus on intensive Mandarin language training.

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies

The Yokohama-based IUC program provides Japanese language instruction through 10-month, summer session, and professional programs.

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies

Beijing , China . The IUP program sponsors academic instruction in Chinese language at Tsinghua University for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Programs are offered for fall, spring, academic year, and summer.

Japanese Language Teaching Materials Database, Colorado Japanese Language Education Association (CJLEA)

The CJLEA offers a database of Japanese language teaching materials, organized by teacher, theme and grammar.

Korean Online Language Instruction, Sogang University

The Korean Online Language Instruction site of Sogang University gives instruction on beginner and intermediate Korean vocabulary, grammar, and cultural topics.

Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies

Located in Kyoto , Japan , the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies sponsors summer and academic year Japanese language and humanities programs for undergraduate students.

Middlebury Language Schools

The website of the Middlebury College Language Schools, which offer intensive summer programs (6-, 7-, or 9-week) for a variety of languages including Japanese and Chinese.

Princeton in Beijing

Located in Beijing , China ; summer only. The website offers general information on the program, host information, academic information, and a list of frequently asked questions. Applications are available on the site.

Princeton in Ishikawa

Located in Ishikawa , Japan ; summer session only. The PII program offers an 8-week summer program for Japanese language instruction in Ishikawa.

“Ting," Chinese English Dictionary and Study Center, University of Maine

A resource that allows users to input pinyin to listen to native speakers pronounce Chinese words. Chinese Dictionary

This online Chinese dictionary allows search by English, pinyin, and radical and displays both traditional and simplified characters. Best suited for learning about the meanings of individual characters instead of compound words. Also features online readings and links to other language websites.

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