Links Listed by Region/Country: Southeast Asia

Aliran Magazine

Aliran is a monthly magazine that generally has been critical of the ruling regime in Malaysia .

The Cambodia Post

The Cambodia Post covers breaking news for Southeast Asia. It scans the web for the most recent articles on Southeast Asian news and organizes them by category for user-friendly navigation. The left toolbar lists links to other news, entertainment, and sports sources.

Cambodian Genocide Project, Yale University

Focuses on the genocide of 1975-79 under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. This site has an extensive collection of information and resources, including photographs, maps of Cambodia , links to other publications, Khmer Rouge documents, and transcripts from the proceedings of the Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal.

Claire Holt Papers, Cornell University

This site features approximately 1,780 slides depicting Indonesian life and culture taken from 1930-1969 during Claire Holt’s visits to Indonesia.  Categories include architecture, ceremonies, theater, landscape, painting, and sculpture. Holt’s biography as well as brief descriptions of the featured artists in the collection are also available.

New Straits Times Online

An English language daily newspaper from Malaysia .

“The Philippines : U.S. Policy during the Marcos Years, 1965-1986" Digital National Security Archive

This collection includes documents from 1965 to 1986 that record U.S. policy toward the Philippines during the 20-year rule of Ferdinand E. Marcos. Includes information about documents and a historical overview. In order to view documents, users must be able to access the ProQuest database.

The Star Online

The Star, an English language daily newspaper from Malaysia .

SEAsite, Northern Illinois University Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Provides resources on Southeast Asia with a focus on language, cultural information, and history. Includes language pronunciation guides and online dialogues. Offers a large selection of links to other Southeast Asian web resources.

SEAsite: Southeast Asia Picture DataBase, Northern Illinois University

Features pictures dating from 1970 from the major Southeast Asian countries; most photos are of buildings or scenes from daily life.

Teaching With Documents: The War in Vietnam — A Story in Photographs, The National Archives

A teaching unit that centers around 13 photos from 1966-1968.

Vietnam Online, PBS

This online accompaniment to PBS’s series on the Vietnam War provides a detailed timeline, glossary of war terms, list of weapons used, and a variety of vivid personal essays from survivors, veterans, and writers on the war.

Vietnam Today: A Different War - The New York Times

Compiles both new and archived articles, expert reflections, and timelines on the Vietnam War and its effects over the past quarter-century.  The newspaper waives its usual fee for accessing archived articles for pieces on this site.  The multimedia feature includes interviews and photos from modern-day Vietnam.

The Wars for Vietnam – Vassar College

This site includes a good overview of the Vietnam War and about twenty primary source documents dating from the 1954 Geneva Peace Accords to the 1973 Paris Accords ending the war between the US and North Vietnam. Also has a well-organized links page.

Yale East Timor Project

Features a large collection of databases, pictures of East Timor dating from 1972-2000, satellite images, transcripts from the East Timor Tribunal, an extensive bibliography, and numerous articles.

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