Links Listed by Region/Country: Silk Road

International Dunhuang Project

The Education section of the International Dunhuang Project’s website features several resources with images and background information, including Buddhism on the Silk Road, Bookbinding, and the Silk Road Virtual Exhibition. The Education section also includes a collection of useful links for exploring Buddhism, the Silk Road, and Dunhuang.

The Silk Road , Marymount School

Compiled by teacher Ledig Sheehan, this site offers an overview of the art, religion and people of the Silk Road . Also includes related teaching units for pre-college visual arts classes.

Silk Road Dunhuang Grottoes

Maps of the Silk Road and images of some of the art found along the Silk Road .

Silkroad Foundation

A collection of articles, maps, timelines, and other resources pertaining to the Silk Road .

Silk Road Seattle, University of Washington

Explains the history and culture of the Silk Road. Includes image galleries, a map quiz, select primary documents, and annotated bibliographies dealing with the Silk Road.

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