Links Listed by Region/Country: Korea

Arts of Korea —Korean Buddhist Sculpture, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Features highlights from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Korean Art collection, including ceramics, Buddhist sculptures, and paintings. Also includes maps, timelines, and links to other internet Korean art resources.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea )

Includes information on North Korea ’s leaders, tourism, culture, and history, as well as links to other web resources.

Gateway to Korea , Korean Overseas Information Service

This website is divided into News, About Korea , and Directory. The News section provides extensive information on the structure of the Korean government and its laws and regulations. The site also offers tourism information and an overview of Korean culture and history.

Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI)

The Korea Economic Institute provides information on the Korean economy and U.S.-Korean relations. The site offers a wide array of documents on the Korean economy, in addition to KEI publications and papers. There are also links to other Korean economic sites and newspapers.

Korea Herald

A South Korean English-language daily newspaper.

Korea Society

The Korea Society is a private, nonprofit organization based in New York . The website features an annual report on contemporary Korean issues, program summaries, and more. The links section is particularly useful for information on additional online resources.

The Korea Times

A South Korean English-language daily newspaper.

Korea Web, by Frank Hoffman

This site provides a comprehensive set of English-language links to all things Korean. The site is searchable by keyword, but is also divided into Arts, Academia, Books, Computing, Literature, News, ROK, History, Kids, Women, Scholarships & Jobs, Korean-Americans, and DPRK.

Korean Buddhism Resources by Charles Muller ( Toyo Gakuen University )

Includes a bibliography and overview of Korean Buddhism, a translation of Weonhyo’s seventh century Ijangui (Doctrine of the Two Hindrances) , and The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue.

Korean Embassy

Website of the Korean Embassy in Washington , D.C. The site contains information on U.S.-Korean relations, business and trade, information on visiting Korea , educational information, current events in the U.S. , and press releases/news. The site also has a large selection of other useful links on Korea .

Korean History: A Bibliography by Kenneth R. Robinson, University of Hawaii

This site features a bibliography written by Kenneth R. Robinson. The bibliography covers many aspects of Korean history, ranging from art history to economic history. The site is easily searchable by topic, keyword, or date.

Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Established as the Ministry of Gender Equality in 2001, this governmental office plans women’s policies and works to prevent gender discrimination. The English-language section on the website includes information on the Ministry and the status of women in Korea .

Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art

The Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art has an extensive collection of modern Korean art in all mediums, with an emphasis on twentieth century Korean painting. The virtual gallery option takes viewers on tours of all galleries. The site also offers information on current exhibitions.

Korean News Service

News from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ( North Korea ), available in English.

Korean Women’s Association United (KWAU)

Korean women’s organization founded in 1987 and dedicated to promoting women’s rights. This Korean and English language site includes information on women’s organizations and contemporary legal and political issues in Korea.

Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA) Korean Art Collection;dept=korean&direct=yes

Much of the Korean art collection may be viewed online and is searchable by artist, type of artwork, and place. Each object is accompanied by background information.

National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea in Seoul focuses entirely on Korean art. The site offers a virtual tour of several of the main galleries. The site also offers information on the museum’s extensive conservation laboratories.

Seattle Asian Art Museum

“Explore Korea : A Visit to Grandfather’s House," an online teaching exhibition.

Teaching with Documents: The United States Enters the Korean Conflict, The National Archives

A teaching unit about the U.S. entrance into the Korean War.

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