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Archives: Contemporary Okinawa by John Michael Purves

This archive contains Japanese documents dating back to the 1889 Constitution. The documents are divided into several sections: Prewar and Wartime Documents, Postwar Japan-U.S. Documents, Postreversion Japan-U.S. Documents, and Other Resources. Full text is available for most of the documents.

At Home in Japan by Jane Bachnik, National Institute of Multimedia Education ( Japan )

An introduction to Japanese culture and society designed for students preparing to study abroad. Through images, video clips, games, quizzes, and text, the website outlines basic cultural interactions and misunderstandings that often occur when a foreigner stays in a Japanese household.

China Development Brief

Features news and other information on social development in China , with a focus on international and Chinese nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Includes a NGO directory, translations of relevant laws, and a PDF archive of newsletters.

CNN: Tiananmen Revisited, 1989-2001

The CNN website on the June Fourth Movement looks at Tiananmen twelve years later. The site is divided into: Tiananmen Papers, Who’s Who, A Look Back, 12 th Anniversary, The Right to Protest, and Zhang Liang on ’89. Each category contains articles, both new and old, movies, photographs, and interview transcripts.

Contemporary Japan : Culture and Society with Theodore Bestor & Helen Hardacre

A multimedia teaching unit presented by Asia for Educators. Includes video clips of Bestor and Hardacre, bibliography, links, and more.

Cross Currents, University of Hawaii

A bilingual Japanese-English site that enables students to explore Japan , the US , and the similarities and differences between the two countries. Topics include agriculture, employment, industries, labor unions, workplaces, and women.

Japan Focus

Japan focus is a refereed electronic journal that includes translated and reprinted articles on politics, economics, society, history, culture, international relations, war and peace, and historical memory in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Library of Congress Country Studies

This site contains online texts with the details of the historical, social, economic, and political institutions and national security systems of countries around the world.  Includes studies on China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, and Singapore.

Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

Presented by Stefan Landsberger (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University), this website includes around 1,700 images of Chinese propaganda posters dating from 1949 to the present, additional background on the majority of the posters, and suggestions for further reading. The posters are searchable by topic or artist. Contemporary topics include SARS, HIV/AIDS, the Chinese space program, and the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center (MCLC), Ohio State University

Maintained by Kirk A. Denton at Ohio State University , the MCLC Resource Center website includes articles, images, and bibliographies of English-language sources on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture. This site also maintains a mailing list that facilitates discussion about the culture of twentieth and twenty-first century China.

SEAsite: Southeast Asia Picture DataBase, Northern Illinois University

Features photographs of major Southeast Asian countries, dating from 1970; most photos are of buildings or scenes from daily life.

Shanghai Living Photo Exhibition

Features photographs of contemporary Shanghai residents by photographer Hu Yang.

Professor Guobin Yang’s Home Page, Barnard College

Features links to Chinese environmental NGOs, Chinese language intellectual websites and forums, Chinese literary websites, China-related academic organizations, academic journals on China , and academic journals on East Asia .

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization, Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington

The Twentieth Century section includes units on clothing and graphic arts. The latter includes a collection of images of contemporary Chinese advertising.

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