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Archives: Contemporary Okinawa by John Michael Purves

This archive contains English translations of Japanese documents dating back to the 1889 Constitution. The documents are divided into several sections: Prewar and Wartime Documents, Postwar Japan-U.S. Documents, Postreversion Japan-U.S. Documents, and Other Resources. Full text is available for most of the documents.

Asia Documents, UCLA Center for East Asian Studies

Features English translations of important works of philosophy as well as treaties and other political documents. Organized by country, including .

Asian Political Resources

Includes links to the constitution, political parties, and articles about the political system for countries in Asia .

Birth of the Constitution of Japan

This online exhibition on the writing of the Japanese Constitution is sponsored by the National Diet Library. It focuses on the major events and documents surrounding the framing of the Constitution. The site also contains archives, a glossary, information on historical figures, a chronological table, and additional links.

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

Features policy positions, issue papers, and government statistics.

Central Tibetan Administration

The official website of the Central Tibetan Administration, the Tibetan government in exile located in Dharamsala, India. The site provides general information about Tibet , links to government offices, Tibet-related publications, and a list of online resources.

CNN: Tiananmen Revisited, 1989-2001

This CNN website on the June Fourth Movement looks at Tiananmen twelve years later. The site is divided into: Tiananmen Papers, Who’s Who, A Look Back, 12 th Anniversary, The Right to Protest, and Zhang Liang on ’89. Each category contains articles, both new and old, movies, photographs, and interview transcripts.

Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson Center

Contains a large selection of primary source documents from the Cold War era.  The archive is searchable by collection or geographic location.  The virtual archive titled “The Cold War in Asia" includes approximately thirty transcribed conversations and documents detailing China and Korea’s activities during the Cold War.

Constitution Finder, University of Richmond

Constitutions and related documents, organized by country.

Cross Currents, University of Hawaii

A bilingual Japanese-English site that enables students to explore Japan , the US , and the similarities and differences between the two countries. Topics include agriculture, employment, industries, labor unions, workplaces, and women.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea )

Includes information on North Korea ’s leaders, tourism, culture, and history, as well as links to other web resources.

Digital National Security Archive

Documents on U.S. policy, including relationships with China , Japan , the Philippines , and Vietnam .

Gateway to Korea , Korean Overseas Information Service

This website is divided into News, About Korea , and Directory. The News section provides extensive information on the structure of the Korean government and its laws and regulations. The site also offers tourism information and an overview of Korean culture and history.

Government Information Office, Republic of China ( Taiwan )

Includes information on visiting Taiwan , tourist attractions, Taiwanese history and culture, recent news releases, and videos and books on Taiwan . The videos can all be viewed online.

House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan

Includes a guide to the Diet, house members, and information about Diet-enacted laws.

House of Representatives, Government of Japan

Includes a running list of officers, their associated political groups, and information about the Constitution of Japan.

Internet Guide for China Studies: Politics

Politics links from the China WWW Virtual Library, organized by topic: “General Information," Government," “Political Parties," “Embassies," and “Organizations."

Japan Focus

Politics articles from this online refereed journal.

Japan Institute of Labor

Features English translations of major labor laws, statistics, and reports on labor.

Korean Embassy

Website of the Korean Embassy located in Washington , D.C. The site contains information on U.S.-Korean relations, business and trade, information on visiting Korea , educational information, current events in the U.S. , and press releases/news. The site also has a large selection of other useful links on Korea .

Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

Presented by Stefan Landsberger (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University), this website includes around 1,700 images of Chinese propaganda posters dating from 1949 to the present, additional background on the majority of the posters, and suggestions for further reading. The posters are searchable by topic or artist.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People’s Republic of China

Includes information on current ministers, party positions and policies, available in English.

National Bureau of Statistics, People’s Republic of China

Offers statistical economic, agricultural, and industrial information that is searchable by year, quarter, or month. For example, the site follows the GDP, the total volume of transportation, and the total retail sales of consumer goods. The site also provides information on national and international statistical standards and information on statistical indicators.

Nautilus Institute

Nautilus Weekly provides an overview of recent developments from the Nautilus Institute, the Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network, the Nautilus Institute Asian Energy Security Network, and other global problem solving initiatives. Users can sign up for email delivery of the Nautilus Weekly. Back issues are also available for viewing online.

Stanford University Guide to Japan Information Resources

This section of the Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources includes links to Japanese government ministries, agencies, the imperial family, and political parties, as well as to sites that explore Japanese foreign relations.

Statistics Bureau, Government of Japan

A wide array of economic statistics is available, mostly focusing on population, labor, income, and retail. Historical statistics are also available. See also Duke University ’s Japanese Studies Subject Guide for Statistics:

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

Provides up to date news from Taiwan , information on traveling to Taiwan , the history of Taiwan , book reviews, and lists of Taiwanese events in New York City.

Taiwan Security Research by Philip Yang (Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University )

Focuses on security news and analysis, in English.

Teaching with Documents: The United States Enters the Korean Conflict, The National Archives

A teaching unit about the U.S. entrance into the Korean War.

Teaching With Documents: The War in Vietnam — A Story in Photographs, The National Archives

A teaching unit that centers around 13 photos from 1966-1968.

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