Links Listed by Category: Philosophy, Thought, and Religion

Arts of Korea —Korean Buddhist Sculpture, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Features highlights from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Korean Art collection, including ceramics, Buddhist sculptures, and paintings. Also includes maps, timelines, and links to other internet Korean art resources.

Asia Documents, UCLA Center for East Asian Studies

Features English translations of important works of philosophy as well as treaties and other political documents. Organized by country.

Buddhism Digital Library & Museum, a joint project of National Taiwan University and Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies ( Taiwan )

Site offers online scriptures, Buddhism database, language lessons, and full text and bibliographic resources. Special emphasis on the development of Taiwanese Buddhism; includes a calendar listing all upcoming scholarly conferences.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

Links to a wide variety of internet resources on Buddhism, edited by T. Matthew Ciolek ( The Australian National University), Joe Bransford Wilson ( U. of North Carolina at Wilmington ) and Jerome Ducor ( Ethnographic Museum , Geneva ).

Chinese Cultural Studies: Texts, Brooklyn College

A wide selection of translated Chinese texts from various sources. Includes a large number of Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist works. Other primary and secondary sources for Chinese culture are also listed.

Chinese Philosophical E-text Archive, Wesleyan University

Provides electronic versions of Chinese philosophical works (in Chinese) and additional information on the texts. Divided into three searchable categories: Pre-Qing, Song through Mid-Qing, and Late Qing and Republic.

Diamond Sutra, British Library

By selecting the “The Oldest Printed ‘Book’" users can view a digitized version of the Diamond Sutra hand scroll, the world’s oldest dated printed book (868 CE). Users can move backward and forward through the scroll. Requires broadband connection and a Shockwave plug-in (downloadable from the site).

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism by Charles Muller ( Toyo Gakuen University )

Offers definitions of many Buddhist terms and things/places relevant to Buddhism. Accessible by entering “guest" into username with no password.

Five Chinese Classics, Charles Muller ( Toyo Gakuen University )

Includes Muller’s translations of the Analects of Confucius, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius, and the Daodejing. Muller also includes Chinese text for the Analects and Mencius’s writings.


Links presented by the Buddhist Scholars Information Network (H-Buddhism), a discussion list and forum for Buddhist scholars. Subscription information for the list and discussion logs are available at this site.

Internet Guide for China Studies: Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and religion links from the China WWW Virtual Library, organized by topic: “General," “Confucianism," “Daoisim," “Buddhism," “Islam," “Christianity," “Judaism," “Bibliographies," and “Related Journals."

The Japanese Garden , Bowdoin College

Provides floor plans, photographs, and descriptions for twenty-four Japanese Zen gardens. Also contains links to other useful resources.

Korean Buddhism Resources by Charles Muller ( Toyo Gakuen University )

Includes a bibliography and overview of Korean Buddhism, a translation of Weonhyo’s seventh century Ijangui (Doctrine of the Two Hindrances) , and The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue.

“The Origins of Buddhism," by Lise F. Vail featured on the Asia Society’s Ask Asia website

Excellent article on the origins of Buddhism, offers especially helpful background for instructors. Also includes a list of useful books for learning and teaching about Buddhism.

The Silk Road , Marymount School

Compiled by Ledig Sheehan, this site offers an overview of the art, religion and people of the Silk Road . Also includes related teaching units for pre-college visual arts classes.

Smithsonian Museums: The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery & Freer Gallery of Art

Select “The Art of Buddhism" to download three PDF files for a three-part teaching unit on teaching Buddhism through art. Highlights objects from the museum's collection.

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization: Buddhism, Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington

A collection of images, explanatory text, discussion questions, and suggested readings on Buddhism in China.

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