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For East Asian regional or country-specific resources, please see Links by Region/Country.

Black Ships and Samurai: Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan (1853-1854), MIT

An MIT open source site on Japanese-American interactions at the time of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan in 1853 with excellent visual material and good historical commentary by John Dower.

Bridging World History, Annenberg/CPB

Features 26 thematic units, such as “Human Migrations," “Transmission of Traditions," and “Globalization and Economics." The units include videos, bibliographies, activities, suggested readings, and more. The website also features an audio glossary, a world history traveler, and an extensive archive.

China and Europe 1500-2000 and Beyond: What is “Modern"? with Ken Pomeranz and Bin Wong, Columbia University

A multimedia teaching unit presented by Asia for Educators. Includes video clips of Pomeranz and Wong, timelines, maps, images, and more.

EDSITEment, National Endowment for the Humanities

This site offers links to useful resources and thousands of detailed lesson plans in all disciplines. The plans are divided into the main categories of Art & Culture, Literature & Language Arts, Foreign Language, and History & Social Studies. Within each category, they are further divided by region, topic, grade level, etc.


H-World is a discussion forum for those interested in world history. The site offers book reviews, teaching resources, bibliographies, syllabi, and lists of other internet resources.

The Mongols in World History, Columbia University

A teaching unit presented by Asia for Educators in consultation with Morris Rossabi. Topics explored include “The Mongols’ Mark on Global History," Mongol conquests, the Mongols in China , key figures in Mongol history, and the pastoral nomadic lifestyle. Features an image gallery and links to maps.

Vietnam Online, PBS

This online accompaniment to PBS’s series on the Vietnam War provides a detailed timeline, glossary of war terms, list of weapons used, and a variety of vivid personal essays from survivors, veterans, and writers on the war.

World History Center, Northeastern University

Features information on upcoming conferences, multimedia productions by the Center, and a World History Databank. The website is particularly notable for its collection of useful internet links and database of student and teacher resources.

World History Connected (WHC), University of Illinois Press

WHC is a free journal intended for students and teachers of world history. It provides teaching units, information on the latest research and debates, book reviews, and reports on exemplary teaching. All of the information published in print issues is available online from the WHC website.

World History for Us All, San Diego State University

A collection of teaching materials designed for teaching World History focusing on K-12 education.

World History Matters, George Mason University

George Mason’s Center for History and New Media site offers an extensive collection of primary sources ranging from digital historical images and objects to primary texts. This site also includes guides on how to analyze types of sources and how to teach primary sources.

World History Network, Northeastern University

This site, part of Northeastern University ’s World History Center , was created to assist researchers, students, and teachers in using online resources. Features hundreds of searchable syllabi, teaching journals, lesson plans, field trips, and teaching forums. The site is searchable by keyword, resource content, or research type.

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