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All China Women’s Federation (ACWF)

This governmental organization was founded in 1949 to promote gender equality in China . The website includes information about the organization, translations of relevant laws and regulations, statistics, and other information on women in China .

Gender Equality Bureau, Japan

The Gender Equality Bureau website includes information on the organization, reports, and publications on women. The reports are all available for viewing in a PDF format. The site offers an extensive selection of links to other related sites.

Japan Association for the Advancement of Women

The Center for the Advancement of Women website features labor statistics, reports, career information, online exhibits, and counseling information.

Japanese Studies Subject Guides: Women’s Studies Links, Duke University

This Duke University sponsored site includes links to sites on women’s studies and gender issues in Japan . Each link is accompanied by a short description of the site.

Japan Focus

Articles on women and gender from this refereed online journal.

Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Established as the Ministry of Gender Equality in 2001, this governmental office plans women’s policies and works to prevent gender discrimination. The English-language section on the website includes information on the Ministry and the status of women in Korea .

Korean Women’s Association United (KWAU)

Korean women’s organization founded in 1987 and dedicated to promoting women’s rights. This Korean and English language site includes information on women’s organizations and contemporary legal and political issues in Korea .

Ling long Women’s Magazine

Columbia University ’s C. V. Starr East Asian Library provides over 200 digitized issues of this 1930s Shanghai women’s magazine online.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare , Japan

Includes vital statistics on marriage, birth, and life expectancies in Japan.

National Bureau of Statistics, People’s Republic of China

Offers statistical economic, agricultural, and industrial information that is searchable by year, quarter, or month.

National Women's Education Center, Japan

The National Women’s Education Center ’s purpose is to promote gender equality in Japan through the promotion of women’s education. The site includes lists of their programs, publications, and research.

Online Women in Politics

Managed by the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics (, a regional organization based in the Philippines , this online forum aims to organize a network of Asia Pacific women. Includes country profiles featuring information on women leaders, gender issues, and primary documents.

Statistics Bureau, Government of Japan

A wide array of economic statistics is available, mostly focusing on population, labor, income, and retail. Historical statistics are also available. See also Duke University’s Japanese Studies Subject Guide for Statistics:

Violence Against Women in War — Network Japan

Focuses on the issue of wartime sexual slavery and the 2000 Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan ’s Military Sexual Slavery. The site includes an extensive bibliography and list of other web resources.

Women in Japanese Society Internet Guide, National Clearinghouse for US-Japanese Studies

Links to articles, essays, and statistics. The National Clearinghouse website also features a database of educational materials, lesson plans, additional internet guides, and more.

Women's Magazines from the Republican Period, Barbara Mittler, University of Heidelberg

Features introductions to and select images from several women’s magazines published in China from 1911-1941. Also includes a bibliography.

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