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Asian Educational Media Service, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

AEMS helps educators at all levels find multimedia resources for learning and teaching about Asia.  Services include an online database of multimedia resources, a free newsletter with film and multimedia reviews for educators, and lesson plans for use with films.  AEMS also offers direct assistance by phone or email.

Asian Film Connections, University of Southern California

Provides information on Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong films, with a focus on award winning, modern films. Films are searchable by award, festival, country, or era.

Center for Asian America Media

Carries classic, award winning feature films and documentaries for rental and purchase. Excellent resource for information on Asian and Asian American films. NAATA presents the annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.


Commercial website for renting Asian feature films (similar to Netflix).

Facets Multimedia

Large collection of world cinema, including Asian films for purchase.

Internet Guide for China Studies: Chinese Film and Movies

Film links from the China WWW Virtual Library.

Japanese Studies Subject Guides: Anime & Manga Links, Duke University

Links to a variety of sites dedicated to anime and manga.

Kinema Club , Ohio State University

A useful source for teaching, researching, and discussing Japanese film. Also includes reviews and useful film-related links.

Michigan Classics Online, Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan

Complete PDF copies of University of Michigan Press books on Japanese film including Noël Burch’s To the Distant Observer and Donald Richie’s Japanese Cinema: Film Style and National Character. Other out of print texts are also available from this website.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center (MCLC), Ohio State University

Maintained by Kirk A. Denton at Ohio State University , the MCLC Resource Center website includes articles, images, and bibliographies of English-language sources on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture. This site also maintains a mailing list that facilitates discussion about the culture of twentieth and twenty-first century China.

Pacific Film Archives, University of California, Berkeley

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive houses an extensive collection of over 6,000 East Asian films, including anime. The collection is easily searchable online by title, year, country, director, producer, subject or keyword. However, one must go to the Pacific Film Archive to view films.


Commercial site with a very large selection of Asian entertainment — movies, music, television, video games, etc. — for purchase. Has a large selection of features not released in the United States.

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