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Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969)

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Biographies, Profiles, and General Resources

Asia Biography: Ho Chi Minh, Asia Society
A brief biography provided by Asia Source, an online resource of the Asia Society.
Battlefield: Vietnam Timeline, PBS
A chronology for the years 1954-1975. The site also includes a short history of the Vietnam War by Vassar College Professor Robert K. Brigham.
Biography of Ho Chi Minh, Marxists Internet Archive
A short profile of Ho Chi Minh from volume 2 of his Selected Works, published in Hanoi in the early 1960s.  
A Different War, The New York Times on the Web
Information about the Vietnam War including maps and timelines, as well as information about contemporary Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh, The Time 100
An article about the life and legacy of Ho by Stanley Karnow. From Time Magazine’s “Most Important People of the Century."
Ho Chi Minh, Time Asia
An article about the life of Ho Chi Minh by Bui Tin, a former officer of the North Vietnamese army and an editor for Nhan Dan, the newspaper of the Vietnamese Communist Party.
People and Events: Ho Chi Minh, PBS
Information about Ho Chi Minh drawn from the website for the PBS film, Return With Honor , which explored the story of American fighter pilots held as prisoners of war in North Vietnam .
Vietnam Online, PBS
A timeline for the years 1945-1997 from the online companion to the PBS series Vietnam: A Television History. The website also includes maps and short bios of key players in the Vietnam War.


Speeches, Writing, and Other Primary Sources

Declaration of Independence, Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam WWW Virtual Library

Delivered by Ho Chi Minh on 2 September, 1945.
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: Vietnam, Mount Holyoke College
Includes speeches of Ho Chi Minh, the Pentagon Papers introduction, New York Times articles, National Security Council meeting minutes, and more.
Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Movement in Indo China, UK National Archives
Extracts from a 1953 British Foreign Office document.
Ho Chi Minh Letter to LBJ
A letter written by Ho Chi Minh to U.S. President Lyndon Johnson in 1967 criticizing U.S. actions in the Vietnam War.
Ho Chi Minh Reference Archive, Marxists Internet Archive
A large collection of speeches and writings dating from 1922 to 1960.
Program for Communist of Indochina, Internet Modern History Sourcebook (FordhamUniversity)
A short 1930 speech by Ho Chi Minh.
Telegram to President Truman
A digital scan of a 1946 telegram from Ho Chi Minh. Unfortunately, the quality is not good and the document is difficult to read.


Photos and Artistic Representations
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Ho Chi Minh Reference Archive, Marxists Internet Archive

Scroll to the bottom of the page for three photos of Ho.
Ho Chi Minh, The Time 100
Scroll to the bottom of the page for images of three Time covers featuring Ho.
Uncle Ho Visiting the Villages
A 1958 lacquer artwork of Ho Chi Minh by Vietnamese artist Nguyen Khang.

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